Modelling a Wheel With Modifiers

This was my first 3D model without the aid of a tutorial. I have to say I’m surprised it has turned out so well! I made this model as the final exercise for the Modelling with Modifiers course on CG Cookie. After modelling the cartoonesque plane I wanted to practise some more techniques but with a smaller scale project. I knew a little bit about what modifiers were but had only touched upon a couple previously. I thought this course would be a great introduction into understanding what they are used for and how they are used to make 3D modelling more efficient.

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My First Finished 3D Model…

This course was fantastic, a really great introduction in to 3D modelling in Blender. I spent about two and half weeks following along (which was a little longer than I wanted this course to take) but I learnt an awful lot from it. I personally learn best from visually seeing actions and putting them into practise over and over again. Continue reading “My First Finished 3D Model…”

A little bit about me…

I want to have a career that I love. I want to look forward to getting up at silly o’clock in the morning and heading off to work because I love my job, and what I produce. As it stands, this isn’t the case. I love both the environment and the incredible people I work with, but I don’t love the work. Incase you’re wondering, I work in Digital Marketing, specifically Social Media Marketing. This continuously evolving field of work is something that really interests me, and the skills I’ve picked up and developed will be skills I’ll use throughout my career, but it’s just not where my passion lies.

So I asked myself a very important question. What am I passionate about?

The answer was simple.


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