Modelling a Wheel With Modifiers

This was my first 3D model without the aid of a tutorial. I have to say I’m surprised it has turned out so well! I made this model as the final exercise for the Modelling with Modifiers course on CG Cookie. After modelling the cartoonesque plane I wanted to practise some more techniques but with a smaller scale project. I knew a little bit about what modifiers were but had only touched upon a couple previously. I thought this course would be a great introduction into understanding what they are used for and how they are used to make 3D modelling more efficient.

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My First Finished 3D Model…

This course was fantastic, a really great introduction in to 3D modelling in Blender. I spent about two and half weeks following along (which was a little longer than I wanted this course to take) but I learnt an awful lot from it. I personally learn best from visually seeing actions and putting them into practise over and over again. Continue reading “My First Finished 3D Model…”